Sunday, February 21, 2010


This picture like my sister, me and my young sister anis.
We all always together.My sister name Nur idayu Bte latif.People call her ayu.She just finished graduate in college master skill at Cheras. The second in my family is me and third name Nurfarahanis Bte Latif and I call her Anis.Now she tailor at home.I have two young brother Hisham and Iskandar.Ohhh my father name
Latif Bin Edon and my mother name Saradziah Bte Md Idros..

This painting my younger sister draw .She good in drawing.So beautiful.How she can good in drawing?
I like photographic, art,drawing but i not really good in drawing like my sister.
This picture like my family and i also have two cat:p
So cute:) Even though I no good at drawing but I be one hobby is singing. I very like singing.
From small until today I still singing with my family and friends.

My Happy Family

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