Sunday, February 21, 2010

I At UITM Shah Alam

Before i come to study degree in human resource at
UITM Melaka.
I get Diploma in Technology Textile at UITM Shah Alam. There was many different study in two places.At UITM Shah Alam i am science student but in UITM Melaka I am business student.The is a different world. I have many experiences in 3 years at there.In part 1, i remember at my room.In morning, when my friend and i still sleep suddenly one monkey come to my room and jengjengjeng.I think you all already know what happen in my room.The memory i still remember until now.
I also active in kompang under Kolej Kenanga UITM Shah Alam.I have represented kompang reach to confluence Pilah for prime minister.I also kompang for champion futsal.Wow really enjoyed.
I also have represented college in competition sing for indigenous rhythm, representative to diner and so on.

I also one close committee member college.A lot of activities that i had lead with my friends.

I at lab textile

With student Indonesia in diner kolej Kenanga

Among programmer I lead with my friends

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QieLa said...

You look so cute... It must be the best experience ever in your life maybe... You are active during your Diploma... Many event that you participate.. That goods... Huhuhu... Go girls..

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